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Mika Matters

Mika Matters

Mika Josephine Westwolf
"Everybody looks at her"

Mika Josephine Westwolf was killed on March 31st 2023 north of Arlee, MT by a driver in the early morning hours.  We are in the process of seeking justice for Mika with the local authorities, whose cooperation has been frustrating, at best, so far.


Why are we seeking justice?  Because Mika’s life mattered.  She was a beautiful human being with so much to live for and contribute to this world for years to come.


This is an awful tragedy for our family.  Mika’s hopes and dreams were taken away by this perpetrator who committed this crime. This person did not even brake or try to avoid hitting her.  Instead, the person drove off and did not even try to provide any aid to our girl, leaving her on the side of the road. 


We need your support as we must proceed with our tribal advocates/friends that have been helping since the beginning. We are trying to find answers and work with local authorities to find justice for Mika Westwolf.  We will not give up.  We will not stop.  We will not let this be another story of “just another dead Indian” or that she was somehow to blame for this atrocity.  Someone committed this crime, and we will not allow this to become another unsolved MMIW case.


We are doing whatever we can to help other families facing this situation and bring awareness to the larger public about this systematic failure of MMIW.  Our lives matter as Native Americans.


Why? Because each individual who is missing or murdered has family who love them and are continuing to grieve. There is no closure for us.


Our girl may be gone, but we will keep her memory alive.  Justice for Mika Westwolf will happen, and we will not rest until it is met.

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