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We need your voice to let Lake County know that plea bargain in this case is not acceptable, and they must allow Mika's case to continue to trial


Click the link below for a letter template to send to Lake County attorney James LaPotka. 


Tell the Department of Justice to investigate the death of Mika Westwolf and dedicate additional resources to missing and murdered Indigenous women (MMIW) cases.

Click the 'I Will Help' button below for phone numbers  and letters for people in power who are choosing to ignore this heinous crime

Love from our family to yours

Mika Matters

- The MMIW crisis has taken the lives of 200 women in Montana since 2000

- Native Americans constitute 6.7% of the state population but account for 26% of Montana’s missing person's cases.

- Due to jurisdictional and response problems, many of the MMIW families search for relatives and justice relentlessly on their own - and at their own expense.

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